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City and Dale’s Edmonton Wedding Guide

City and Dale is a local lifestyle blog devoted to delighting in what’s new, hot and undiscovered in the capital region – from fashion and style to tasty eats and local happenings. We were thrilled when editor Kendall Barber contacted us to be their wedding expert for a new series: The Edmonton Wedding Guide. The guide is chock-full of fabulous local vendors, unique venue ideas, and tips to help you along the way. Follow the links below to view the full posts and be sure to keep City and Dale on your list of regular reads.

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(1) Unique Edmonton Venue Ideas

  • If you have a lot of out-of-town guests attending ensure there are hotel options nearby or be prepared to provide transportation for your travelling guests.
  • Is having a rockin’ party one of your wedding priorities? If so, don’t forget to ask about noise restrictions and closing time.
  • June through September is an extremely busy time for weddings in Canada and especially in Alberta where our warm weather is short-lived. If you are set on a summer date be prepared to begin planning at least 12 months in advance.

(2) Gowns, Baubles & Shoes

  • Before trying on wedding dresses, do your hair and makeup as though you are going out for a nice dinner or a night on the town. It’ll give you a better idea of what the gown will look like on your big day.
  • Your dress should complement your wedding location, season and style. Share these important details with your bridal consultant so he or she can help guide you towards choices that will work best.
  • Break up your shopping trips – visit no more than two boutiques in a day. You don’t want to become overwhelmed or get confused. 

(3) Cakes, Flowers & Stationery

  • When it comes to dessert, there’s no need to play it safe! Be bold and have some fun with your wedding cake’s design. This is a great area to incorporate your personalities and shared interests.
  • If you’re on a tight budget, instead of cutting back on all flowers focus your floral funds on a few important areas: your bouquet, the head table, and a statement piece at the reception. These items will be in many photos throughout the day.
  • Your invitations set the tone for your wedding’s style and level of formality. Ensure the design, typeface and wording reflect just that.

(4) Photographers – Who to Snap Your Big Day

  • When choosing your professional wedding photographer make sure you see an entire wedding that they’ve shot. It’s also important that your personalities are compatible – you’ll be spending a lot of time with them on your wedding day!
  • Allow enough time for your photos. Most photographers want at least 2 hours (3-4 is even better). Your wedding planner or coordinator will help ensure your wedding day schedule can accommodate this important photo time.
  • Have an engagement session with your photographer. This is like a practice session for your wedding and will help you feel more comfortable when the big day arrives.


Edmonton Wedding Planner + Designer



Wedding Planning Tips on CTV Edmonton Morning Live

More couples get engaged between December and February than any other time of the year! I recently appeared on CTV Edmonton’s Morning Live Show to discuss some top wedding planning tips for the newly engaged. Click the link below to view the segment:

Edmonton Wedding Planning Tips

Edmonton Wedding Planner

Stay tuned to the blog over the coming weeks as we’ll be sharing more great tips to help get your wedding planning off on the right foot!

Edmonton Wedding Planner



In the Limelight with Anita Gill Makeup Artistry

Looking good on your wedding day isn’t enough for most brides – you want to drop jaws and knock the socks off your groom’s feet as he sees you for the first time, right!? Well, to get jaw-droppingly glam on your big day look no further than Anita Gill Makeup Artistry. Anita is an über-talented makeup artist in Edmonton and I have had the pleasure of working with her on several weddings over the past couple of years. Check out what this makeup maven has to say about makeup tips and trends for your big day.

Edmonton Wedding Makeup ArtistWho’s the lady behind the (makeup) brush?

I have been in the makeup industry for almost 6 years now. I started my makeup career off at MAC Cosmetics and worked there for just under 5 years. It wasn’t until early last year that I decided to move away from MAC and further pursue being a freelance makeup artist – and I can honestly say that that was one of the best decisions I have ever made. In addition to being a makeup artist, I am also just finishing up my last year in the B.Comm program at Grant MacEwan University. People often ask me why I am a Business and Human Resources student if I want to continue on with makeup. The simple answer is because I one day hope to turn this freelance business into a full makeup and hair studio.

Why did you become a makeup artist?

Originally I was interested in makeup simply because both of my sisters, Sunita Sumaru and Susan Gill, are makeup artists. I think naturally I just wanted to follow in their footsteps, but over the years I’ve discovered that it was more than that. I soon realized that my job was more than just doing makeup; it included making women look and feel their best. Knowing that I have the ability to make a woman feel super glamorous is the best feeling in the world. The reactions I get from women after doing their makeup is what makes this job so amazing to me.

What’s your favourite part about your job?

There are two things that I truly love about being a makeup artist: The first is that I am able to use my creativity to make a woman look and feel beautiful. The second is that I get to meet some of the most amazing people; this includes both people that I do makeup for, along with vendors that I have met within the wedding industry.

What are your top tips for brides when considering their bridal makeup?

  • First and foremost, it is nice to go into your makeup trial with some inspiration. So even if you just have a picture from a magazine or from a website, bring it with you because it will help communicate what your vision is for your wedding day makeup.
  • Keep in mind that makeup always looks a lot softer in pictures than it does in person, so do not be afraid to go a little darker/brighter for your bridal makeup. Having that bit of added depth in your eye shadow and a stronger cheek contour can really make all the difference in your pictures.
  • Make sure you get your eyebrows done before the big day. I can’t even begin to describe how much makeup artists appreciate a good, clean brow.
  • Lastly, say yes to the false lashes! Even if you choose the most natural lashes, they will still make a huge difference. In my opinion, no makeup is complete without liner and lashes!

What bridal makeup trends are you seeing for 2012?

When I first started doing makeup the bridal makeup trend really seemed to be natural, classy, soft neutrals and mauve. However, this trend is completely changing. The up and coming trends are definitely more of a soft smoky eye with nude pink lips and pink cheeks, and the second trend would be a neutral eye lid, with heavy liner and thick lashes, with a more bronzed cheek and neutral lip.

When should brides book their bridal makeup artist?

Be sure to book your makeup artist well in advance. A lot of people assume that makeup artists can be booked a month or two before the wedding date, but this can leave you super disappointed. Try to book at least 6 months in advance – it is surprising how quickly vendors book up these days! Also, book your trial closer to your wedding day (within two months of the wedding day), even if your wedding day is a year away. I say this because when brides get their trial done too far in advance, by the time the wedding comes around, their style has changed and they decide to change the way they want their makeup. In my experience, brides who have a trial too far in advance always end up getting a second trial done closer to the date. Many brides question this by asking, “Well I don’t want to wait until a month before the wedding, because what if I hate my trial and choose to go with a different makeup artist?” My answer to this is simple – that is why it is important to look around for a makeup artist, to check out their work, and to ensure that they are reputable in the makeup and wedding industry. If all this is done, then you should not worry and just trust that you are in good hands for your wedding day!

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Here are some of the stunning JBW brides and bridesmaids who have been beautified by Anita Gill Makeup Artistry:

Edmonton Wedding Makeup Artist

Thanks for the wonderful information, Anita!

Edmonton Wedding Planner

Photo Credits (from top to bottom): Carey Nash Photography, Katch Studios, Sharon Litchfield Photography.


Wedding Thank You Speech Guideline

Everyone wants to hear from the bride + groom on their special day. Take this time to express gratitude to all the people who contributed to your wedding – whether through emotional or financial support.

I can’t stress how important it is to prepare your speech ahead of time – don’t leave it to the last minute! Simply jotting down a few notes will help ensure you don’t forget anyone in the heat of the moment. Here is a guideline for consideration:

  • Thank guests for coming
  • Special thanks to out-of-town guests, especially those who have travelled a long way
  • Make mention of special people who could not be at the wedding or who have passed away
  • Minister / officiant
  • Venue / venue manager / chef / serving staff
  • Wedding vendors, such as the photographer, musicians, etc.
  • Ushers
  • Ceremony readers / candle lighters
  • Guestbook attendants
  • Emcee(s)
  • Friends or family members who have helped with wedding preparations (eg. aunt made cake, cousins helped assemble invitations)
  • Wedding party: bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girl(s), ring bearer(s)
  • Parents
  • Thank each other

Edmonton Wedding Planner


In the Limelight with Katch Studios ~ Boudoir

If you’re looking for a unique gift for your boyfriend, fiancé or husband – look no further! Boudoir photography is the art of visually capturing beautiful, sensuous photos of women. I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Kat Gill from Katch Studios ~ Boudoir about the growing popularity of this empowering style of photography. Here’s what she had to say.

Edmonton Boudoir PhotographyTell us about Katch Studios and the types of photography you offer.

Cheryl and have been best friends since we were kids and Katch Studios was born from our mutual desire to create something together that is beautiful and meaningful. Together, we started out photographing weddings and couples but have since branched out into families and newborns too. Most recently, I’ve engaged in a full-blown love affair with boudoir photography and do this solo along with some amazing stylists.

What inspired you to do boudoir photography?

Before photography, I was a makeup artist and spent years making women look and feel beautiful. With my career in photography, that passion for capturing women at their most beautiful just grew. I also felt like I had a very specific style and look in mind that I wanted to convey. We like to think of it as “modern boudoir photography.”

What do you love most about shooting boudoir sessions?

Simply put, I am a total “girly girl” and I’m obsessed with makeup, hair and styling! I regularly devour fashion magazines and dissect ads and spreads everywhere for posing and lighting inspiration. With boudoir photography I get to put all of those passions into one session. Also, working with only one subject is something amazing in itself!! I love that I can focus completely on each woman and capture her in her best light.

What is a boudoir marathon?

It’s basically a bunch of sessions booked one after another over the span of a day or a weekend. Marathon Sessions are a great value because they include hair & makeup styling and a shorter 1 hour photo shoot for the same price as it would cost to book a Private Boudoir Session that is 1.5 hours long and doesn’t include the cost of hair & makeup. There are refreshments, sweet treats and it’s an all around girly fun-filled time!

What do your clients do with their boudoir photographs?

Women get boudoir pictures done for a wide range of reasons: as an engagement gift for their fiancé, as an original birthday gift to the boyfriend/husband who has everything, or simply for themselves. It’s a great way to capture a moment in time. Many of our clients end up purchasing an album, prints/wall canvases or getting their picture files on a disc.

What tips or advice to you give your boudoir clients to prepare them for their session?

I help them out with suggestions on the types of lingerie & accessories that photograph best and prepare them with lots of little tips like painting their nails and moisturizing. Mostly though, I just assure them that they’ll be in good hands. I put a lot of energy into finding the most flattering poses and angles for each woman and I really do believe I work with some of the best stylists in Edmonton.

Edmonton Boudoir Photography

Edmonton Boudoir Photography

Edmonton Boudoir Photography

Thanks for sharing your beautiful art, Kat! For information on booking your own modern boudoir session visit

Edmonton Wedding Planner


In the Limelight with Brianna K Photography

When I ask couples about their wedding day priorities, great photography always tops the list. But choosing the right photographer to capture your wedding memories isn’t always easy – there’s a lot to consider! Brianna, owner of Brianna K Photography, shares what inspires her and advises what couples should keep in mind when hiring their wedding photographer.

Edmonton Wedding Photographer

Tell us about yourself!

I was born and raised in Edmonton. At the age of 23 I moved to New York City to study photography. After receiving my BFA in NYC I moved to Paris where I earned a Master’s Degree in Photography. Living abroad gave me an appreciation for Edmonton and what I love most about it is the people.

Shooting weddings allows me to connect with some of the city’s unique and amazing couples. What sets me apart from other photographers is my ability to bring a little Paris and New York style into my wedding photography!

Why did you become a photographer?

I have always loved the arts and studied art history at the U of A. The more I studied the more I wanted to become an artist. When I was a child my family was involved in the arts and took my brother and I on trips to Europe where I gained a true appreciation for the creative world.

Who have been the biggest influences in your life (photographers or otherwise)?

I am influenced by everything around me – from the frost on the trees to the autumn leaves. I am inspired by my clients and the emotions they embody on their wedding day.

How would you describe your photography style?

I am a fine artist at heart and am represented by a gallery in Edmonton. I also shoot fashion and commercial work for magazines. My wedding style is documentary as I love to capture the intimate moments between a couple. My work is not posed, it is more natural. I really focus on the emotional aspect of the wedding and strive to achieve that in my photographs.

Do you have a favourite wedding or wedding moment that you’ve photographed?

I love all my couples! My favourite moments are when the groom sees the bride for the first time and the intimate moments I capture after the ceremony.

What are some wedding day photography tips that couples should keep in mind?

It is very important that a couple trusts and feels comfortable with their wedding photographer. Don’t choose someone simply because they are the cheapest – book a photographer who has a style you love and who you connect with. I also recommend doing an engagement session as this helps build a relationship with your photographer before the wedding.

Here’s a glimpse at some of Brianna’s recent work – gorgeous!

Visit Brianna K Photography to book Brianna for your upcoming wedding!

Edmonton Wedding Planner


Wedding Planning Seminars at Novelle Bridal Shop

Newly engaged in Edmonton and wondering how to start the wedding planning process? You’re in luck! I have partnered with Novelle Bridal Shop to hold a few intimate evening seminars for you beautiful brides-to-be. This is a great chance to have some of your most pressing wedding planning questions answered and to check out Novelle’s stunning 2011 bridal gown collection.

The sessions will take place on November 1st, 3rd and 8th beginning at 7:00 PM. There are limited spots available so hurry and contact Novelle Bridal Shop to confirm your attendance at one of the seminars!

Phone: 780.761.0888

Jennifer Bergman Weddings, Edmonton Wedding Planner, Edmonton Wedding Day Coordinator

Hope to see you there!


Grab a friend and spend an evening at Novelle Bridal Shop to view the 2011 bridal gown collection and learn important wedding planning tips from wedding planner Jennifer Bergman. Jennifer will be available to provide tips and advice as well as answer your personal questions about your own wedding.


In the Limelight with Infused Studios

I had the pleasure of working with Infused Studios on a 3-day convention earlier this year. The creative eyes behind the cameras belong to Anthony + Rina, who not only capture spectacular photos, but they seek to tell your love story through imagery. When I sat down to chat with Anthony + Rina, what really stood out to me is how much they strive to personalize the wedding photography experience for each and every couple they work with. I hope you enjoy getting to know them!

Quick – give us your best Tweetography (ie. tell us about yourself in 140 characters or less)!

Visual Poets :: Love stories are our inspiration & it is an honour to tell them. Big kids at heart, we love to have fun, eat food & travel.

Why did you become photographers?

Rina :: After getting my Bachelor of Design I worked primarily as a graphic designer. I also did some art directing and fashion/ commercial photography. There was a disconnect between myself and the models and after I shot my first wedding I realized why. Capturing a pretty face is one thing; capturing true love and the connection between people is entirely different. It’s more challenging and also more rewarding.

Anthony :: I never owned a camera as a kid. I was raised in a traditional Chinese household, so my career path had 4 options; doctor, lawyer, accountant or engineer. I chose to be a mechanical engineer and became a successful project manager at a reputable oil and gas company within 3 years of graduation. Deep down something was missing – I knew there was always this yearning to express myself artistically though I never had the chance…until Rina came into my life.

She introduced me to her collection of camera equipment and I was instantly hooked. It was like an addiction, every day I would be excited to get through my day at the office because then I could get my photography fix at night. I was intrigued with the idea that I could express myself and create art without limitations, equations, or constrained by the laws of physics. On one chilly October afternoon, I gazed out my office window and asked where I saw myself 20 years down the road…I knew intuitively that I couldn’t see myself like my boss across the hall. The next day, I handed in my resignation letter and never looked back.

Who have been the biggest influences in your life (photographers or otherwise)?

Rina:: I look for paintings and drawings for my inspiration. Monet for his Impression of landscape paintings. Picasso, Degas, da Vinci and Michelangelo for pushing body movement. Dali for creating the surreal and unnatural forms of life. Also music videos and movies.

Anthony :: One of my biggest influences are movies…and especially ‘chick flicks’ because they have the best cinematography and lighting. C’mon, I mean who can forget epic scenes like the boat scene from “The Notebook,” or even the forest scene from “Twilight?!”

What are some wedding day photography tips that couples should keep in mind?

  • Before booking a photographer, make sure you see an entire wedding that they’ve shot. Teaser images from blogs & website don’t convey how well a photographer can capture a wedding.
  • Plan to schedule at least 2 hours to spend time with the photographers (ideally, we’d love to have 4+ hours)! And if there are people that you want to have photos taken with, let us know beforehand so we can be on top of it for you.
  • Select based on who you want as a guest at your wedding. Yes, we’re there to work, but really, do you want to hire someone you don’t like to attend your wedding?
  • When considering your photography budget, instead of choosing a price point choose the style ‘musts’ that you want. Then look at who photographs in that style and work out a price range from there. It’s heartbreaking when couples choose based on price and aren’t satisfied with their images — after all, you can’t redo your wedding day!

Do you have a favourite wedding or wedding moment that you’ve photographed?

Every wedding that we have shot so far has been an exciting moment — our clients are beautifully unique. Photographing the epic “pearl harbor” moment at the Cold Lake municipal airport with the plane flying in the background while Kylie and Warren kissed stands out. We had one chance to get the shot and it turned out exactly how we imagined. Anthony got the shot and Rina was so excited she jumped in the air and whacked him on the head with her telephoto lens!

What’s in store this year for Infused Studios?

  • We’ve shot 3 destination weddings so far and are shooting across Alberta through to the fall.
  • We’re shooting inspired engagement sessions with our couples and continuing our pursuit of artistic expression.
  • We’re also looking out for new studio space but this summer we’re immersed in love stories!

What’s unique or interesting about you two?

Rina:: My closest friends know that I’m goofy, VERY clumsy and still a kid at heart.

Anthony :: I’m dorky, VERY easy-going yet a deep thinker at the same time.

Together :: We love watching classic Disney cartoons and we have a combined collection of stuffed animal friends around our place.  =)


Here are some amazing images by Infused Studios. You can see more of their stunning work on their website and blog:

Thanks, Anthony + Rina!