In the Limelight with Katch Studios ~ Boudoir

If you’re looking for a unique gift for your boyfriend, fiancé or husband – look no further! Boudoir photography is the art of visually capturing beautiful, sensuous photos of women. I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Kat Gill from Katch Studios ~ Boudoir about the growing popularity of this empowering style of photography. Here’s what she had to say.

Edmonton Boudoir PhotographyTell us about Katch Studios and the types of photography you offer.

Cheryl and have been best friends since we were kids and Katch Studios was born from our mutual desire to create something together that is beautiful and meaningful. Together, we started out photographing weddings and couples but have since branched out into families and newborns too. Most recently, I’ve engaged in a full-blown love affair with boudoir photography and do this solo along with some amazing stylists.

What inspired you to do boudoir photography?

Before photography, I was a makeup artist and spent years making women look and feel beautiful. With my career in photography, that passion for capturing women at their most beautiful just grew. I also felt like I had a very specific style and look in mind that I wanted to convey. We like to think of it as “modern boudoir photography.”

What do you love most about shooting boudoir sessions?

Simply put, I am a total “girly girl” and I’m obsessed with makeup, hair and styling! I regularly devour fashion magazines and dissect ads and spreads everywhere for posing and lighting inspiration. With boudoir photography I get to put all of those passions into one session. Also, working with only one subject is something amazing in itself!! I love that I can focus completely on each woman and capture her in her best light.

What is a boudoir marathon?

It’s basically a bunch of sessions booked one after another over the span of a day or a weekend. Marathon Sessions are a great value because they include hair & makeup styling and a shorter 1 hour photo shoot for the same price as it would cost to book a Private Boudoir Session that is 1.5 hours long and doesn’t include the cost of hair & makeup. There are refreshments, sweet treats and it’s an all around girly fun-filled time!

What do your clients do with their boudoir photographs?

Women get boudoir pictures done for a wide range of reasons: as an engagement gift for their fiancé, as an original birthday gift to the boyfriend/husband who has everything, or simply for themselves. It’s a great way to capture a moment in time. Many of our clients end up purchasing an album, prints/wall canvases or getting their picture files on a disc.

What tips or advice to you give your boudoir clients to prepare them for their session?

I help them out with suggestions on the types of lingerie & accessories that photograph best and prepare them with lots of little tips like painting their nails and moisturizing. Mostly though, I just assure them that they’ll be in good hands. I put a lot of energy into finding the most flattering poses and angles for each woman and I really do believe I work with some of the best stylists in Edmonton.

Edmonton Boudoir Photography

Edmonton Boudoir Photography

Edmonton Boudoir Photography

Thanks for sharing your beautiful art, Kat! For information on booking your own modern boudoir session visit www.katchstudios.com/boudoir.

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