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In the Limelight: Jenn Chivers Freelance Hair + Makeup

Edmonton Wedding Hair Makeup

Jenn Chivers – Freelance Hair + Makeup

Your bridal look (ie. hair and makeup) is something you do NOT want to mess around with! Hiring a professional hairstylist and makeup artist who is experienced in weddings is an absolute must for your big day.

Meet Jenn Chivers. Jenn is a freelance hairstylist and makeup artist based in Edmonton who has beautified many JBW brides! Read on to learn more about Jenn Chivers, and check out her website and Facebook page for more information on booking Jenn for your wedding or special event.

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Quick give us your best Tweetography (tell us about yourself in 140 characters or less)!

I’m a freelance hairstylist/makeup artist with a passion for bringing out women’s hidden beauty, seeing every corner of the world, and loving my awesome family.

Why did you become a hairstylist / makeup artist?

I knew I wasn’t an ‘office’ type person – I have always worked directly with people. My background in the hospitality industry built a solid foundation in service and established my need to interact closely with clients. I also identified the enjoyment I get from working under pressure. Since becoming a hairstylist/makeup artist my focus has been on working with my clients to create an experience that is memorable and special for them. I was a bit of a late bloomer in the industry but had an interest in fashion from a young age. My parents always used to laugh at how I could come up with a look out of almost anything. When the opportunity presented itself I jumped on it and haven’t looked back! I started freelancing 7 years ago, which has been amazing for me professionally as it has given me the freedom to provide the service I think my clients deserve, while still allowing me to have more time with my husband and son.

What’s your favourite part about your job?

I don’t know if I would say I have one favorite thing. I love working with my clients to interpret their vision – whether it is for an editorial shoot, a wedding or an advertisement. I love coming into their environment, hearing their story and transforming them from a blank canvas to their dream look. I feel incredibly proud to see the look on their face when they look in the mirror and see what I see.  I am fortunate that I do both hair and makeup so I am always inspired by different things that my clients bring to me.

What are your top tips for brides when considering their bridal makeup and hair?

Firstly, it is important to ensure you book well in advance so you aren’t disappointed. I normally suggest booking 6-12 months in advance. Doing a trial is key as this is your opportunity to get to know your stylist and see if the look you envisioned looks as good on you as you hope, as well as giving your stylist the opportunity to ensure your look is achievable and having anything they may need to ensure your morning is stress-free and enjoyable. Lastly, make sure that you are comfortable. If you don’t feel comfortable, it will show. I’m not talking about sweats and sneakers, but just make sure you feel that your look still lets YOU shine through – no matter whether you are going for a natural, glamorous or vintage look.

What bridal makeup trends and hair trends are you seeing for weddings in 2013 / 2014?

I am always a big proponent of brides wearing a look that is timeless and modern, while reflecting their own unique style. In the past few years, the focus has shifted to brides wearing looks that are more suited to them while incorporating trends, so we are seeing a variety of looks for this season to suit every style from fresh, natural looks with a pop of color on the lip, to soft smokey eyes to add an element of glamour to your makeup and soft, natural waves to sophisticated vintage styles with a modern twist for hair. Braiding continues to be a popular element to individualize your look.

When should brides book their bridal makeup artist and hair stylist?

I normally book 6-12 months in advance. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find someone if you wait longer, but your choices can be more limited as you get closer to your date. Many of the top stylists work on referral and are included in lists that are provided to clients by wedding planners, photographers, or other wedding vendors. Edmonton is a city with a lot of in-demand artists. Many of them will try to give you names of someone they would recommend but the best thing to do is plan ahead. The other benefit of booking early is that you get to check one more thing off your list!

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Here are some beautiful JBW brides that had their wedding day hair and makeup done by Jenn Chivers!

Jenn Chivers Edmonton

L: Images by Frost; R: Diamond Cake Photography

Edmonton Wedding Hair and Makeup

Katch Studios


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In the Limelight: Delica Bridal

Delica Bridal is one of Edmonton’s premiere bridal gown boutiques. Not only do they carry GORGEOUS gowns, but we love the relaxed atmosphere in-store and the large private dressing rooms. Our brides always rave about their experiences at Delica!

Read on below to learn more about Delica Bridal from owners Ashley McNeill-Dorado and Nicole McNeill…and brides, be sure to check out Delica’s upcoming Sample Sale. On October 19th, 2013 from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, select dresses will be up to 70% off! Plus, the first 10 brides in store will also receive an additional $50.00 savings off their purchase during this sale!

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Bridesmaid Dresses,

Tell us about Delica Bridal.

Delica Bridal is a bridal boutique in south Edmonton, owned by two sisters with a passion for fashion and weddings. The vision to bring a different bridal experience to Alberta started about three years ago and became a reality in May 2011. We have loved helping all our brides and look forward to helping more achieve their wedding day vision!

Why did you start Delica Bridal?

Although the Alberta market has some amazing bridal stores, we wanted to created a store that had a boutique environment with a strong customer service aspect. It can be a very overwhelming experience when looking for a perfect dress and we wanted to create a store that has a relaxed atmosphere with educated consultants to help make the experience easier and more comfortable. We believe that purchasing a bridal gown should be stress free and low pressure, and we wanted to give Alberta brides this experience.

What types of gowns do you offer?

Every bridal dress found at Delica Bridal is exclusive to the boutique; meaning you will not find the exact same dress anywhere else in Edmonton. The designers offered at Delica are Lazaro, Alvina Valenta, Jim Hjelm Blush, Hayley Paige, Lillen, and Jenny Yoo. We are excited to be introducing Monique Lhuillier Bliss in October 2013!

We hand pick all our sample pieces to ensure there is a large diversity among our pieces. We take into account how the dress will fit on a bride, quality of the fabrics and price. We look for pieces that are trendy yet still timeless, different from other dresses in the market, and that offer customization options.

When should a bride begin looking for her wedding gown?

A bride should start looking for her gown 8- 10 months prior to her wedding date. Every designer is different and has their own lead times, but generally it takes between 4-6 months for the gown to arrive. It’s also important to take into consideration alterations, which can take up to 2-3 months to complete. It’s important not to leave shopping for your gown last minute; the longer you wait, the fewer options you will have.

What are some of the upcoming bridal trends you are seeing for 2014?

For bridal, we are seeing a lot of beaded column dresses with head-to-toe embellishments – think Great Gatsby. Along with that, we are seeing a lot of gowns with illusion necklines and detailed backs. Designers are also experimenting with different fabrics and textures: metallic lace, glitter tulle and textured embroidery. Blush and champagne colours are still popular for those seeking something different than the traditional white.

Any tips for brides-to-be?

  1. Be open-minded and trust your consultant. Your consultant is a bridal gown expert and can help guide you to finding the right dress.
  2. If the dress doesn’t appeal to you on the hanger, don’t shy away from it –  it might look completely different on, and could possibly be ‘the one!’
  3. Another important tip is to avoid bringing a large entourage with you to your appointment. Too many opinions can be overwhelming and may overshadow the vision you have for your wedding. Instead, bring a few trusted family members and/or friends that will support you one hundred percent.


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Here are some beautiful JBW brides in Delica Bridal gowns!

Studio 9 Photographics

Photo Credit: Studio 9 Photographics

Diamond Cake Photography

Photo Credit:  Diamond Cake Photography

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In the Limelight: Carey Nash Photography

Carey Nash is an über-talented photographer based in Edmonton, but his work takes him all over the world photographing weddings in amazing destinations – from Los Cabos to Scotland. We’ve had the honour of working with Carey on numerous weddings and we’re excited to share more about his background in today’s In the Limelight feature. At the bottom of the post we’ve included some of Carey’s stunning images from our clients’ weddings. Enjoy!

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Tell us about yourself!

Carey Nash

I was raised in a northern community and found myself drawn to camping, hiking and exploring at an early age. After high school I started out on my first international backpack trip and before I knew it, nearly ten years had passed, and I had traveled around our globe many times. During my years abroad I had the good fortune to meet some great people…two of which, a young Danish photographer and a Parisian artist, set me on my path to photography. I had no formal education in photography but I saw the world quite differently than many others I knew.

My greatest success was meeting my wife Colleen, who comes from a completely different background.  She is well educated and encouraged my passion and has taught me how to pursue my dreams with hard work.  In our nine years together she has given me three amazing little backpackers. I’m goofy, I laugh a lot and I don’t take life too seriously. And when I take photos I don’t just want them to be pretty, I want them to be pretty freaking awesome.

Why did you become a photographer?

At first it was just to document my travels and to have some memories of the amazing far off countries I visited. It wasn’t until I was settling into a permanent life back here in Canada that I started to find people were interested in my images, buying my artwork, and telling me that my pictures told a story and made them want to visit a place they probably never thought they would have.  Since I love to share my experiences with others and love taking pictures, this worked out! Also, I’m a very nostalgic person and there isn’t a photo I have taken that I can’t close my eyes and bring myself back to that moment in time. Photos have that incredible power, which is so rewarding to me. I love being able to resurrect memories for the people I photograph.

Who have been the biggest influences in your life (photographers or otherwise)?

My parents. They had me at a young age and left their remote hometown and followed an opportunity for a better life. Life wasn’t easy when we were young but they taught me to explore, be independent and take risks. For photography, Sebastiao Salgado. His early work is quite dramatic and I am drawn to his framing and powerful emotions.

How would you describe your photography style?

My work has continued to change and develop over the past 15 years. I’m not sure I can label it, but from my travel background I’m drawn to wide spaces and powerful and intense portraits. I lean towards the dramatic even though my personality is loose and light – perhaps that style of imagery is my outlet for my dramatic side?

Do you have a favourite wedding or wedding moment that you’ve photographed?

I’ve been fortunate to shoot in incredible places with fun brides and grooms which has lead to some pretty cool weddings and shots. I don’t think I could pick one favourite and I’m just happy that people trust me with them.   The new father in me has really changed the way I view weddings from when I had no children. Of my three kids I have two daughters, so every wedding reminds me that one day I hope to be lucky enough to walk these princesses down the aisle.

What are some wedding day photography tips that couples should keep in mind?

Each couple and the photographer have their own personality and style. Speaking on behalf of myself I want to remind couples that this day is about bringing family and friends together one time! No two weddings or emotions are ever the same so your day will be yours, and your images unique to your wedding.  So you might have images in mind from Pinterest or somewhere, but it’s likely impossible to replicate them, and they may look forced. Trust whoever you hire on your wedding day to capture the real moments that mattered to you that day and take time to enjoy your day and the people surrounding you.

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Visit Carey’s blog to see all his latest adventures!


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In the Limelight: Cake Couture

This morning we’re dreaming of all things sweet and delicious, thanks to this feature on one of Edmonton’s premiere cake boutiques. Annie Dam is the owner and cake designer of Cake Couture – a quaint shop in Edmonton’s west end that creates some of the most beautiful and unique cakes and cupcakes. We have worked with Annie and her team on numerous occasions and we’re always excited to see how her cakes will complement our wedding designs.

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Edmonton Wedding Cakes

Annie Dam, Cake Couture

Tell us about Cake Couture.

Cake Couture is a high quality cake boutique located in Edmonton, specializing in the design and creation of unique and delicious cakes and cupcakes for all occasions.

Inspired and created in Europe, Cake Couture uses its French and Spanish artistic flair to bring you amazing personalized cakes with special attention to detail – from conception to beautiful execution.

Cake Couture strives to offer our high quality products to everyone: from cupcakes made with classic buttercream to please the little ones, to elaborate sculpted and novelty cakes for the more sophisticated crowd.

Whether you are looking for a traditional wedding cake, or something a bit more unconventional, we can create it for you. A work of art for any style and occasion, from an informal birthday party to the most formal of personal or corporate events.

What is your experience in the industry?

Annie Dam is the owner and cake designer of Cake Couture. After receiving a Science degree at the University of Alberta, Annie travelled to the south of France on a scholarship to teach English. After 3 years in France, her travels took her to Spain where she lived for 5 years. During her years abroad, Annie had the opportunity to develop her real passion: combining art with her love for baking. As Annie perfected her style and learned new techniques in Europe, her work recognition grew, and so did the list of clients.

She has written about cake decoration for a range of publications and has had her wedding cakes and cupcakes featured in blogs and magazines around the world. Annie published her first book in 2011, Cake Couture: Modern Sugar-craft for the Stylish Baker.

What makes Cake Couture different?

Attention to detail and innovative designs.

What are some of the upcoming cake trends that you’re excited about?

Working with more colours and textures. Also, couples are putting more and more personal touches in their cakes.

What are the most popular flavours at Cake Couture?

Red Velvet with Cream Cheese!

How far in advance should couples book you for their wedding cake?

We suggest that you book your wedding cake 6-8 months ahead of your special day as some popular dates fill up very fast. Our suggestion – do not leave it to the last minute. The earlier, the better.

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Edmonton Wedding Cakes

Visit Cake Couture’s Facebook Page to keep up-to-date on their gorgeous work!


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In the Limelight: Kelsy Nielson Photographer

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around
once and a while, you may miss it.” — Ferris Bueller

Meet Kelsy Nielson, Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer extraordinaire. The above quote is posted on Kelsy’s website and I believe it perfectly sums up her approach as a photographer. She has a relaxed vibe which instantly puts her brides and grooms at ease, and she has a knack for capturing special moments that exude warmth and romance. Not only is Kelsy an amazing photographer, she’s an all-around wonderful person who gives back to her community.

Read on to learn more about Kelsy’s style and discover her top tips for couples on their wedding day.

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Edmonton Wedding PhotographerQuick – give us your best Tweetography (tell us about yourself in 140 characters or less)!

I’m a wedding and lifestyle photographer who loves my adorable daughters, my hilarious husband,  and capturing  sweet moments with my ever-present camera.

Why did you become a photographer?

I originally wanted to go into cinematography – I love all things film. I started taking photography classes in high school because I thought it would be a good stepping-stone; then I ended up really connecting with photography. It was so fun capturing moments and seeing them in print when you picked up your little white film envelope from the lab. I wanted that excitement for a career.

Who have been the biggest influences in your life?

Without sounding like an Oscar speech, I’d have to say my family. When I was starting out they always helped me practice my posing and let me continually shoot them to gain confidence. After I married Tim he was a great support, he told me to just go for it, quit my day job and start my business. He helped me just jump in with both feet!

How would you describe your photography style?

I would say it’s romantic, natural photography. I don’t get to0 carried away with lighting or dramatic posing but rather put the emphasis on natural beauty and capturing love between individuals. I hope my photography is more about the people in the image and the connection they share rather then being about a backdrop (but, hey, I love those too). I definitely lean more towards classic Alberta landscapes – fields, trees, old homesteads and big skies.

Do you have a favorite part of the wedding day that you love to shoot?

Other than the posed portrait part of the day (which of course I love), I really enjoy the reception. I know a lot of photographers dread it,  but I love hearing the speeches and watching the first dance. I still tear up every reception during a heartfelt speech or a good slideshow! I also love seeing a Bride’s vision come to life. It’s so fun to hear about all her ideas and projects and then see the final result just shine with creativity.

What are some wedding day photography tips that couples should keep in mind?

  • I’d say it’s important to spend time with your photographer before the wedding. Getting to know each other can make the wedding day a lot more relaxed.
  • Everything seems to take longer then you think, so budget time appropriately. I never want to steal a Bride and Groom away from family hugs and well wishes – it’s part of the fun! Being able to take it all in without feeling like you’re missing out on essential picture time is important.
  • And when portrait time comes, just relax and have fun. If you trust your photographer, you can just enjoy your moment in the spotlight and know your personalities are being captured perfectly.

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We’ve had the pleasure of working with Kelsy on some very beautiful weddings!

Visit Kelsy’s blog to keep up-to-date on her gorgeous work!


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In the Limelight: faBLOOMosity

Ranunculus. Dianthus. Phalaenopsis. Hyacinth…huh?

Flowers may have tough names to pronounce, but their ability to add beauty and life to a wedding is something that everyone understands. Today’s In the Limelight feature is on faBLOOMosity – a new Edmonton flower shop located in downtown’s revitalized Mercer Building. The shop may be new, but the talent behind it has years of experience.

Meet Janine Sebastian. From designing boutonnieres that look more like art than the eyesore your prom date wore, to centrepieces that defy gravity, Janine and her faBLOOMosity team are leaders in the Edmonton floral market and they push boundaries left, right and centre. My favourite thing about working with Janine is her passion and energy – no one will get you more excited about your wedding flowers! Read on to learn what sets faBLOOMosity apart.

Edmonton Wedding Florist

Photo Credit: Infused Studios

Tell us about faBLOOMosity:

At faBLOOMosity we specialize in custom floral designs for everyday arrangements, weddings, and special/corporate events. Each client is unique, as is each design created specifically for them. What we do is an art form in which we turn the ordinary into extraordinary, changing the way people view florists and floral design as a whole.

What is your personal experience in the floral industry?

I’ve worked in floral design for the past 10+ years which has allowed me the opportunity to adapt and build my own style and presence within the industry. Gearing myself towards the unexpected and more modern approach has set me apart within Edmonton as a unique and ‘out of the box’ designer. A fan of anything that is “not popular”, I strive to establish new trends and push my clients, and ultimately, myself to take risks and be adventurous.


What makes faBLOOMosity different? How do you provide a distinct wedding experience?

  • First and foremost, we are non-believers in packaged wedding florals. What sets us apart is our ability to build off of our clients’ unique personalities, individual style, likes and dislikes, and anything else they’re passionate about to ensure that we truly capture the essence of what it is they are looking for and expecting from us.
  • Secondly, we are not afraid to voice our opinions or concerns, as well as love or hates, to our brides and grooms. Honesty is the best policy, and we expect pure honesty out of them and in turn provide that same feedback to the clients.
  • Lastly, our amazing team of FAB Florists make for an inviting atmosphere in the shop, and provide our clients with perfection each time. With the team we have in place, nothing is impossible and everything is achievable.

What are some of the upcoming floral trends that you’re excited about?

  • One design that I have been working on implementing into the Edmonton market for over a year now is ombré. I was thrilled when a few past clients allowed me to design their wedding with this, and I hope to continue it forward on a larger scale!
  • As well, I am a huge advocate for large, structural focal pieces. It really does take your dollar far by creating one over the top focus for your guests to awe over.
  • Another way of creating a ‘wow’ factor is by having a more elaborate backdrop behind your head table. Out are the days of boring white voile, making room for things like: texture, LED lighting, en masse florals, etc. Be creative and make a bold statement.
  •  am also extremely excited about the introduction of the color mint into wedding designs! It offers a fresh, new vibe and carries a youthful feeling.
  • Finally, I am happy to be introducing more elaborate and detailed bouquet handles into the wedding season. Mirrored bands, romantic textures, dramatic graphic prints, and natural elements such as birch are just a few examples of things to watch for from me!

What do you like most about working with brides and grooms?

The sheer excitement and love that fills the room when working with the couples is the most enjoyable part for me. It is SO much easier to build off of that energy. It really drives everything forward and sets the pace for the entire process. Working in that environment truly has the ability to keep me smiling and enjoying my career day in and day out. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of the most important day of someone’s life?

What are your top tips for brides and grooms when considering their wedding flowers?

Don’t be afraid to try something different, and do not allow yourself to get caught up in the opinions of others around you. It is your day – have what YOU want. All too often I see brides give in to what their mother, or sister, or friend, or whoever wants them to have. Everyone has an opinion but remember that it is your opinion that matters the most and it is your voice that I listen to when designing for you. Stick strong to your gut feelings and your vision, and I promise that it will be exactly what you have always dreamed it to be.

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Here’s a look at faBLOOMosity’s stunning work for some of our recent weddings:

Edmonton Wedding Florist

Edmonton Wedding Florist

Edmonton Wedding Florist

Edmonton Wedding Planner + Designer

Photo Credits: (top) Eternal Reflections, (middle) Kelly Redinger Photographer, (bottom) Katch Studios.



In the Limelight: Shandro Photo

Michael and Haley Shandro are an award-winning photography team based in the Edmonton area. I actually met Michael before either of us were in the wedding industry. I was behind a computer in a Management Science lab in Business School and Michael was my T.A.! Years later we’re both totally passionate about our unexpected career paths, and Michael has a beautiful wife and family. I have enjoyed getting to know Haley as she has a heart of gold and always has a smile on her face. Together, they bring a relaxed, cheerful vibe to the weddings they shoot and this makes all the difference on your big day!

Read on to learn more about Shandro Photo, and be sure to visit their blog and Facebook page to keep up with this talented duo.

Quick – give us your best Tweetography (tell us about Shandro Photo in 140 characters or less)!

We love every aspect of photographing weddings. We love playing with light and nature, and looking for creative and interesting ways to let our couples shine.

Why did you become photographers?

We became photographers because we wanted to run a creative business, and we had the opportunity to shoot a few weddings and loved it! We grew the business into a full time career for both of us, and never looked back. We love working with our couples and their families, and thrive on the diversity of each and every wedding. We’ve had our business for 6 years and it’s been an amazing ride, I can honestly say that we look at the world differently.

Who have been the biggest influences in your life?

We often influence each other, bouncing ideas off of each other, and we also expose ourselves to multiple learning opportunities every year (workshops and seminars). Each time we take away something to improve our business and our photography. Our clients also influence everything that we do. We are constantly thinking about ways to make our client experience extraordinary. And of course our families (especially our 2 kids) keep us grounded.

How would you describe your photography style?

It’s a hard question to answer because we don’t shoot in one specific style. Our photos are bright and colourful, and we try to keep everything clean and elegant. I suppose our style is ‘diversity’, and finding the unique beauty and spirit of each couple and wedding.

What’s up and coming at Shandro Photo?

There’s always something going on!  In November we are holding a fundraiser at our studio for Adoption By Choice, a celebration of newly formed families. In 2013 we’re looking forward to working with some amazing couples, but first we’ll be taking a few trips – our other passion is travel. In April 2013 we have our first big speaking gig at the Canada Photo Convention where we’ll be talking about business to an international crowd of over 150 photographers! We’re also expanding our studio to accommodate more portrait clients. Of note for Edmonton Wedding Industry folk – we are hosting a year end wrap party at The Common in October, you can email us for details!

Do you have a favourite part of the wedding day that you love to shoot?

One of Haley’s favourite moments is when the bride is coming down the aisle, and turning around to see the groom’s reaction. We remember that moment of our own wedding and how special it was for us. One of Michael’s favourites is the father-daughter dance, because it makes him emotional thinking about our children growing up. When it comes down to it, weddings are all about families, and we have such a close connection with our own, that it’s truly amazing to share in the joy of a wedding day.

What are some wedding day photography tips that couples should keep in mind?

Relax! Enjoy! If couples ever ask us for tips about booking photographers, we always recommend that they find a photographer that they really connect with, someone that they trust and will have a good time with. We want our couples to have a great time on their wedding day and not feel stressed out! Hiring a great planner can help with that of course, knowing that all of the details are taken care of will put you at ease. The more relaxed you are, the better your photos will be. Of utmost importance also is hiring a professional photographer who will have backup gear, and also safeguards their wedding photos with multiple (including off-site) backups.

+  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +

Here’s a look at some of Shandro Photo’s gorgeous images – who wouldn’t want one of these masterpieces hanging on their wall!?

Edmonton Wedding Photographer

Thanks, Shandros!

Edmonton Wedding Planner + Designer


Bridal Hairstyle Inspiration (Part 3)

The final post in our bridal hairstyle inspiration series with Patricia J. Hair Designer: chic + relaxed weddings. Be sure to check out Patricia’s take on vintage bridal hairstyles and fairy tale bridal hairstyles.

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For the chic and relaxed wedding, simple is best. Top knots and sleek lower buns are classic and comfortable. For a more modern look, textured ponytails or soft undone styles are perfect. Keeping hair accessories to a minimal is key with these looks.

Edmonton Wedding Hair Stylist

Coming soon – Patricia’s hair care tips leading up to the big day!

Edmonton Wedding Planner + Designer

Photo Credits: Pepe Botella Dress – Style Luminising Me; High Bun – Total Beauty; Low Bun – Beauty Works; Messy Ponytail 1- Pinterest; Messy Ponytail 2 – Hair Style.