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10 Wedding Trends We’re Vibing in 2023

What’s hot for wedding trends this year? We’re sharing elements you can incorporate into your 2023 or 2024 wedding to stay current and wow your guests!

1. Statement Signage
Whether it’s a welcome sign, a seating chart or an escort card display, a statement piece at the entrance of your event sets the tone as guests arrive. Their interest is piqued and they’re excited to head inside to see what’s next.

Left: JBW | Right: Tomasz Wagner

2. Petite Wedding Parties
We love the simplicity of having only one or two of your besties stand up for you. The benefits of a smaller bridal party? Fewer people to coordinate and cost savings for attire, beauty services, flowers – even transportation!

Intimate Wedding Party Trends 2023 Top: Carey NashBottom: Nicole Ashley

3. Live Music
Live music adds an ambiance that recorded music cannot replicate. For our clients weddings, we try to incorporate live music during at least one portion of the day – whether it’s for the ceremony, cocktails, during dinner or the party.

Wedding BandWedding Live MusicTop: Nicole Ashley
Bottom L: Carey Nash, Bottom R: Retrospekt Photography

4. Ikebana Inspired Florals
Ikebana is a Japanese art of floral arrangement that has seen recent resurgence in popularity. We love ikebana style arrangements as they are minimalist and graceful.

Minimalist WeddingPhoto: Fragment of Light

5. Fashion
If you’re donning a traditional wedding gown during the day, why not have some fun with a fashion-forward cocktail dress for the reception or dance? We’re loving puffy sleeves, oversized bows, removable capes and sheer detailing.

Upcoming Wedding Dress TrendsWedding Fashion Trends 2023Top: Bryttanni | Bottom: Etoroma Creative

6. Delicate Greenery
Thick greenery runners have had their moment. We still love greens, but we’re using them more sparingly for a dainty, refined look. We’re also saying sayonara to mountains of eucalyptus! We want to see greenery in a true green colour, or green and white varigated leaves for a romantic, garden vibe.

Photos: Nikki Collette Photography

7. Luxe Craft Cocktails
Step it up from standard sparkling and treat your guests to an expertly crafted cocktail upon arrival. Old Fashioneds are still fan favourites, but we also love tequila or gin-based beverages. Don’t forget to have something special on hand for those guests who prefer spirit-free drinks.

Craft CocktailsCraft CocktailsTop: Nicole Ashley | Bottom L: Blushed Beaute, Bottom R: Mango Studios

8. Waste Conscious Events
It seems silly to call this a trend, but we want to draw attention to the waste created by events, and get you thinking about how you can make your wedding more sustainable. Our top tips:

  • Say NO to plastic cups, straws and disposable water bottles (anything single use, really).
  • Rent instead of purchase.
  • Source locally whenever possible – this includes food, décor and flowers.

Wedding Sustainability Trend 2023Photo: Nicole Ashley

9. Bright Blooms
Don’t get us wrong – we’re all about timeless, elegant neutrals – but colour adds so much life to events! Even if you want to stay mostly neutral, try adding a splash of colour where guests may not expect it: table stationery, a statement arrangement in the cocktail reception space, or your DJ booth for the dance party.

Bright Wedding Flowers 2023Floral Wedding TrendsTop: Etoroma Creative | Bottom: Kelsy Nielson

10. Mix Up The Menu
99% of the weddings your guests have attended served a soup or salad, followed by a main course and then dessert. Why not mix it up and surprise them with a unique style of service or unexpected courses? Try tapas style family service, or a charcuterie appetizer followed by pasta, a main and a trio of desserts –  we guarantee your guests will be raving about their culinary experience at your event!

Photos: Retrospekt Photography 

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In the Limelight with Premiere DJs

Everyone knows that a DJ can make or break a party, so finding the right DJ for your wedding is a very important task that requires careful consideration. Premiere DJs is a modern, hip Edmonton DJ service that promises an unforgettable dance experience. I sat down with co-owner Harman B to chat about weddings, music and how to throw a great party!

Edmonton Wedding DJ

Tell us about Premiere DJs.

Premiere DJ’s is Edmonton’s best boutique DJ service! Managed by Harman B & DJ Kwake, Premiere DJs will match you with the best DJ for your wedding.

What makes Premiere DJs different? How do you provide a distinct wedding experience?

A Premiere DJ wedding experience is intimate, interactive and modern. It is a custom sound tailored to the clients’ needs, desires and tastes. We are professional, experienced & talented; we mix live on turntables (records) and we have the best digital sound system and offer modern and elegant lighting too! We consult with our clients in advance and tailor their program to their guests, the venue, the time of the year, etc. We also help our clients consider their floorplan and the energy flow in the room.

Who are the right brides and grooms for your service?

Our couples are hip, modern and outgoing who love to travel, eat out, dance and care about giving their guests an experience they will not forget.

What do you love about DJ-ing weddings?

We love the challenge to please an entire array of guests at a wedding – from Grandma to your farmer Uncle, to ethnic-fusion weddings to groomsmen from Fort McMurray! We work hard to find a common ground and get EVERYONE rocking at the same party.

What is the most unique wedding or wedding component you’ve seen?

We like when couples evolve with the times and try something different, such as having no head table, shortened programs, sweet and simple speeches, etc. These elements showcase the evolution of weddings and are appealing to modern brides and grooms.

What is your top tip for brides and grooms to consider when planning their reception / dance music?

  • I would highly suggest for couples to avoid stopping their dance during the night for announcements – keep the party going!
  • Position the bar close to the dance floor.
  • Don’t spread your guests out amongst the room; the more intimate the space the better the energy flows.

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