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In the Limelight with Stephanie Cragg Photography

Stephanie of Stephanie Cragg Photography, is an Edmonton-based photographer (and self-proclaimed shoe junkie!) who has shot weddings all across the country. I spent some time getting to know Stephanie and it sounds like she has an exciting year ahead!

Quick – give us your best Tweetography (ie. tell us about yourself in 140 characters or less)!

When there is a lull in conversation, my husband jokingly will ask me, “So…do you like…stuff?” Yes. Yes I do.

Why did you become a photographer?

I think it was just a natural progression, as throughout my life I’ve participated in, and continue to enjoy many of the visual arts (and crafty pursuits!).

Who have been the biggest influences in your life (photographers or otherwise)?

Biggest influences artistically include Picasso for his general ‘unusualness’, as well as The Group of Seven for their realistic and abstract visions of nature. Photographically, I’m inspired by the work of fashion and commercial photographers who achieve making beautiful and linger-worthy images by combining photography and digital-artistry.

What are some wedding day photography tips that couples should keep in mind?

Here’s one from the funny-but-true files: Careful with the ‘glitter’ make-up…the wrong brand, applied too heavily and in the wrong spots, often results in it ending up on other peoples’ dark clothing (ie. men’s suits) and can look like dandruff in photos.

Do you have a favourite wedding or wedding moment that you’ve photographed?

Favourite wedding moments are the heart-felt ones. The unexpected onset of emotion. Like when the normally shy and reserved groomsman says something verrrrry funny in his speech, it makes the bride so suddenly laugh that she spits out a mouthful of wine. Or the child who spontaneously and tearfully rushes the altar, upon hearing that her parents are ‘now pronounced’. Or the bride who breaks down when she looks at her father before they depart for the ceremony, leaving the house that she has lived in her whole life. Real life is way better than the movies.

What’s in store this year for Stephanie Cragg Photography?

I’ll be photographing a terrific variety of wedding themes, locations and travelling! Off hand, I know that some coming up include a Scottish themed wedding, an East Indian celebration, a lakeside tented wedding in Ontario, a trip to California, couples from overseas getting married in Jasper and Banff, both city and country weddings, and even some celebrity nuptials!

You’ve been married almost 13 years – any marriage advice for the brides and grooms out there?

  • Pick your battles;
  • Do and find things to make each other laugh as often as you can; and,
  • As long as you can sincerely say it, promise your spouse that if times get tough you’d still live with them no matter what – even if it’s in a cardboard box.


Check out some of Stephanie’s gorgeous work below and on her website:

Thanks Stephanie!