In the Limelight with Kelly Redinger

Meet Kelly Redinger. Kelly is the fun-natured photographer behind Kelly Redinger Studios, based out of Sherwood Park, AB.

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Hello. I’m Kelly. I photograph people in love. And I wake up every morning super excited to create inspiring photos. I am a happy guy.

Why did you become a photographer?

I have always been a visual person. And I love meeting people. It was a natural fit to combine these two into an awesome career. Photography allows me the opportunity to freeze in time the amazing things I see around me. And I love how looking at an image, at this single frozen moment in time, can evoke such strong emotional responses. After finishing my bachelor of commerce degree and working at a job I absolutely hated, I made the decision to wake up every day and enjoy what I do for a living. Choosing photography was a really easy decision, and I’ve never looked back!

Who have been the biggest influences in your life?

My biggest photography influence comes from master photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson and Julia Margaret Cameron because of their ability to capture amazingly touching moments in a time when technology made photography extremely difficult. They were photographers in the 1800’s and early 1900’s, and they could capture these brilliant moments with these antiquated tools, and their images have stood the test of time as some of the best. Especially in our tech-savvy world, it is inspiring to be reminded that a photographer is not defined by his photo equipment, but by his talent and creativity.

What are some wedding day photography tips that couples should keep in mind?

By far the biggest thing I try to encourage couples to keep in mind is to enjoy the day! This seems simple, but there is so much time and energy spent planning out the day, that often the bride and groom get caught up stressing over the tiniest details and lose sight that this is supposed to be one of the happiest day of their lives! Relax, enjoy yourselves, enjoy your guests, and be present. If you are distracted and worried about the small stuff, then your wedding photos will capture that. But if you can forget about your stress and all the little details, and just focus on savouring every moment of your wedding day, you can be sure that when you view your photographs, you will see your joy and happiness and love written all over them.

Do you have a favourite wedding or wedding moment that you’ve photographed?

This is a tough call as I find there is something special in every wedding. One of my favourite moments from this past year was working with Danielle and Christopher. They had a really small wedding, and only wanted a small and intimate creative photo session as a compliment to their day. Their energy, and love, and eagerness to have great images meant we created a TON of fantastic photos in a really short period of time. The highlight of the day (for me…I’m sure getting married was their highlight!) was having Danielle pose in the window display of Career Girl Bridal on Jasper Ave.  I love how the photos turned out. They were SO much fun to work with.

What’s in store this year for Kelly Redinger Studios?

I am looking forward to introducing some new elements into my wedding photography, continuing to evolve my style, and expanding my brand to an even larger audience. I am also developing a couples portrait session called’ 1+1 Sessions’ geared specifically towards couples (think engagement photos for people who are already married!)  Another exciting project I am developing right now is a photography workshop called I Photograph People, which will help guide photographers in working with people and getting the best results. This is shaping up to be a busy year!

You’ve been married for 10 years now – any tips for the future newlyweds out there?

Hold hands. Hug in public. Laugh. Have date nights. Surprise your husband/wife with little notes in his/her wallet, or car, or lunch bag, telling them how awesome they are. And flowers now and then don’t hurt either.

A few of Kelly’s amazing images:

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Thanks Kelly!