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10 Wedding Trends We’re Vibing in 2023

What’s hot for wedding trends this year? We’re sharing elements you can incorporate into your 2023 or 2024 wedding to stay current and wow your guests!

1. Statement Signage
Whether it’s a welcome sign, a seating chart or an escort card display, a statement piece at the entrance of your event sets the tone as guests arrive. Their interest is piqued and they’re excited to head inside to see what’s next.

Left: JBW | Right: Tomasz Wagner

2. Petite Wedding Parties
We love the simplicity of having only one or two of your besties stand up for you. The benefits of a smaller bridal party? Fewer people to coordinate and cost savings for attire, beauty services, flowers – even transportation!

Intimate Wedding Party Trends 2023 Top: Carey NashBottom: Nicole Ashley

3. Live Music
Live music adds an ambiance that recorded music cannot replicate. For our clients weddings, we try to incorporate live music during at least one portion of the day – whether it’s for the ceremony, cocktails, during dinner or the party.

Wedding BandWedding Live MusicTop: Nicole Ashley
Bottom L: Carey Nash, Bottom R: Retrospekt Photography

4. Ikebana Inspired Florals
Ikebana is a Japanese art of floral arrangement that has seen recent resurgence in popularity. We love ikebana style arrangements as they are minimalist and graceful.

Minimalist WeddingPhoto: Fragment of Light

5. Fashion
If you’re donning a traditional wedding gown during the day, why not have some fun with a fashion-forward cocktail dress for the reception or dance? We’re loving puffy sleeves, oversized bows, removable capes and sheer detailing.

Upcoming Wedding Dress TrendsWedding Fashion Trends 2023Top: Bryttanni | Bottom: Etoroma Creative

6. Delicate Greenery
Thick greenery runners have had their moment. We still love greens, but we’re using them more sparingly for a dainty, refined look. We’re also saying sayonara to mountains of eucalyptus! We want to see greenery in a true green colour, or green and white varigated leaves for a romantic, garden vibe.

Photos: Nikki Collette Photography

7. Luxe Craft Cocktails
Step it up from standard sparkling and treat your guests to an expertly crafted cocktail upon arrival. Old Fashioneds are still fan favourites, but we also love tequila or gin-based beverages. Don’t forget to have something special on hand for those guests who prefer spirit-free drinks.

Craft CocktailsCraft CocktailsTop: Nicole Ashley | Bottom L: Blushed Beaute, Bottom R: Mango Studios

8. Waste Conscious Events
It seems silly to call this a trend, but we want to draw attention to the waste created by events, and get you thinking about how you can make your wedding more sustainable. Our top tips:

  • Say NO to plastic cups, straws and disposable water bottles (anything single use, really).
  • Rent instead of purchase.
  • Source locally whenever possible – this includes food, décor and flowers.

Wedding Sustainability Trend 2023Photo: Nicole Ashley

9. Bright Blooms
Don’t get us wrong – we’re all about timeless, elegant neutrals – but colour adds so much life to events! Even if you want to stay mostly neutral, try adding a splash of colour where guests may not expect it: table stationery, a statement arrangement in the cocktail reception space, or your DJ booth for the dance party.

Bright Wedding Flowers 2023Floral Wedding TrendsTop: Etoroma Creative | Bottom: Kelsy Nielson

10. Mix Up The Menu
99% of the weddings your guests have attended served a soup or salad, followed by a main course and then dessert. Why not mix it up and surprise them with a unique style of service or unexpected courses? Try tapas style family service, or a charcuterie appetizer followed by pasta, a main and a trio of desserts –  we guarantee your guests will be raving about their culinary experience at your event!

Photos: Retrospekt Photography 

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Bridal Fantasy Magazine: Top 10 Big Day Blunders

The latest issue of Bridal Fantasy Magazine features an article we wrote outlining some Edmonton wedding planning tips, titled Top 10 Big Day Blunders. In other words, problems or hiccups experienced by many couples who plan their weddings without professional help. If you are in the midst of planning your wedding, have a read and avoid these common planning pitfalls!

Bridal Fantasy Magazine Edmonton

  1. Not hiring professionals. From photography to flowers and everything in between, if you try to cut costs by hiring hobbyists or inexperienced wedding vendors you may end up with more headaches than you bargained for. Prices tend to reflect quality and experience, so if you think you’re getting a really good, cheap deal — there might be a reason for that!
  2. Guest list regrets. If you really want someone or a group of people at your wedding, then make sure you invite them. The extra cost per head will seem inconsequential after the wedding, and you may end up regretting that they missed your special day.
  3. Being inconsiderate. Be mindful of the demands (time, financial) that your wedding will place on guests and your bridal party. For instance, if many of your guests are travelling from out-of-town it is thoughtful to arrange transportation for them to get to your ceremony and reception locations. Likewise, if your attendants are paying for their attire you may want to cover their hair and makeup costs on the wedding day.
  4. Technical troubles. We’ve all been to a wedding where the slideshow doesn’t work! This creates an awkward pause in your reception program. If you absolutely must have a slideshow, ensure you have the right equipment and cords rented well in advance and that someone is responsible for testing it before the reception.
  5. Not having a contingency plan. Of course your wedding day will be warm and sunny with a gentle breeze…but what if it’s not!? So many couples forget to plan for things going wrong. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, make sure that you have an alternate location in case of inclement weather – especially here in Alberta!
  6. Running out of alcohol. If you’re supplying your own liquor for the bar it’s always better to overbuy and return the unopened leftovers than to run out before the party is over. There are lots of helpful resources online for estimating quantities required. (Note: The same rule applies to candy or sweet tables!)
  7. Reception program runs too long. After approximately 2.5 hours sitting at their dinner tables guests will get antsy, so you want to ensure that your dinner service and speeches are completed within this time period.
  8. Family or friends had to “work.” Paying a little extra for décor setup and teardown services through your decorator, coordinator or venue could save your sanity and be a real gift to your loved ones. They’ll appreciate being able to enjoy the wedding weekend without the added stress of cleaning up after the party.
  9. Forgetting to thank people. You may think you can “wing” your speech, but it can be difficult to think clearly on such an emotionally charged day. Too often couples don’t take the time to prepare their thank-you speech in advance and they miss thanking very important people (in some cases their parents who have footed the entire bill for the day)!
  10. Not enjoying the planning process. Most couples spend 12-15 months planning their wedding day…that’s a lot of time to be stressed out about wedding details! Don’t let the planning consume you. Take breaks, delegate tasks to those who offer, and if you know you just don’t have the time or energy to put into the process, hire a planner or coordinator to take some or all of the planning off your plate.

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Planning Your Wedding: Tip #7

Tip #7: Be consistent.

It’s easy to get distracted by all the wedding ideas out there. Between bridal fairs, magazines and countless blogs it can certainly become overwhelming, but the key to a well designed event is consistency. Once you’ve taken the time to determine your wedding style, theme and atmosphere – don’t deviate! From the style of your dress to the centrepieces and the linens on the table, the visual components of your wedding should tie together nicely and reflect a similar look and feeling.

One of the easiest ways to ensure a cohesive event is through your wedding stationary. The wedding invitations speak volumes about what kind of event your guests can expect to attend, so it’s important to ensure this first impression truly reflects your wedding style. The level of formality will be communicated through the type of papers, fonts and wording that you use, as well as your venue selections. It’s wise to carry the design of your wedding invitations through to all other wedding stationary, such as ceremony programs, table numbers, menu cards, favour tags – even your guestbook.

Here’s an example of one of our couples’ weddings:

  • Wedding Theme: “Urban Glamour”
  • Wedding Style: Modern, edgy, Hollywood glitz + glamour
  • Wedding Colours: Black, white and turquoise
  • Details: White phalaenopsis orchids, damask linens, crystal and feather centrepieces

Edmonton Wedding Planner, Edmonton Wedding Day Coordinator

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Photo Credit: JDS Photography.


Planning Your Wedding: Tip #2

Tip #2: Prioritize.

After you have determined what kind of wedding you’d like to have (Tip #1), sit down with your fiancé and discuss your wedding priorities. Since most of us don’t have an unlimited budget, it’s essential to think about the areas of your wedding that mean the most to you and allocate your budget accordingly.

First, identify the top 3-5 components of your wedding that are very important to both of you. If you can’t agree on the entire list, compromise. (It’s good practice for the marriage to follow!) Some examples to get you thinking: the venue(s), top notch food and wine, an open bar, the ceremony, photography, the wedding dress, gorgeous flowers, stunning décor, the wedding transportation, a live band, a killer party, a jaw-dropping cake, etc.

At the same time, consider the wedding components that are not very important to you. If you could care less about a wedding cake – don’t have one! If a limo isn’t a “must-have” and your bridal party is on the smaller side, why not rent stylish SUVs for the day? For the average wedding, limos typically cost around $1,000, so renting vehicles will allow you to shift some budget to areas that carry more significance for you.

Remember, what’s important to some couples may be at the bottom of the list for others. Once you’ve determined your wedding priorities, be sure to refer back to the list throughout the planning process to ensure you stay on track.

Edmonton Wedding Planner, Jennifer Bergman Weddings

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Happy planning!



Planning Your Wedding: Tip #1

Last post we introduced our lucky + in love contest where we are giving away FREE consultation sessions to three couples! Click here for the contest details and be sure to check back soon to enter!

Now, on to the wedding planning tips!

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Tip #1: Determine what kind of wedding you want.

This sounds fairly broad, I know, so let’s break it down…

  • First things first – what wedding format do you have in mind? Is a traditional dinner and dance important to you, or would you prefer a mid-morning ceremony followed by brunch? Perhaps you like the idea of a trendy cocktail reception with sunset vows?
  • Once you have the wedding format nailed down, consider your wedding size. The decision to hold a small, intimate wedding or a huge event with all your family, friends and co-workers in attendance will largely impact how your budget is allocated. Budget and the guest list are separate topics of their own, so stay tuned for specific tips on those areas.
  • Wedding atmosphere and formality should also be considered early on in your planning. A formal wedding in a grand hotel ballroom requires different consideration from a casual soirée on your parents’ farm.
  • Do you have a particular wedding theme in mind? For instance, if you’re envisioning a lush, “enchanted forest” at your reception a LOT of décor will be required and an appropriate venue must be considered from the get-go.

It is imperative to determine what kind of wedding you desire before making any major decisions, so discuss with your fiancé and consider all options carefully.

Check back soon for Tip #2!