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Planning Your Wedding: Tip #1

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Now, on to the wedding planning tips!

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Tip #1: Determine what kind of wedding you want.

This sounds fairly broad, I know, so let’s break it down…

  • First things first – what wedding format do you have in mind? Is a traditional dinner and dance important to you, or would you prefer a mid-morning ceremony followed by brunch? Perhaps you like the idea of a trendy cocktail reception with sunset vows?
  • Once you have the wedding format nailed down, consider your wedding size. The decision to hold a small, intimate wedding or a huge event with all your family, friends and co-workers in attendance will largely impact how your budget is allocated. Budget and the guest list are separate topics of their own, so stay tuned for specific tips on those areas.
  • Wedding atmosphere and formality should also be considered early on in your planning. A formal wedding in a grand hotel ballroom requires different consideration from a casual soirée on your parents’ farm.
  • Do you have a particular wedding theme in mind? For instance, if you’re envisioning a lush, “enchanted forest” at your reception a LOT of décor will be required and an appropriate venue must be considered from the get-go.

It is imperative to determine what kind of wedding you desire before making any major decisions, so discuss with your fiancé and consider all options carefully.

Check back soon for Tip #2!