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Top Ten Wedding MC Tips

Being the MC at a wedding is a great honour but it can also be a bit scary. Here are some tips to help you prepare for this special role.

Top 10 Wedding MC Tips

  1. Prepare well in advance so you aren’t in a panic the week of the wedding. Type your script and read it back to yourself in the mirror to make sure it flows.
  2. Know the reception itinerary (speak to the bride and groom or the wedding planner to get this in advance). The best MCs keep things running smoothly and on time.
  3. Inform the wedding planner about any special touches or A/V requirements in advance.
  4. Arrive at the reception early to do a sound check. Speak clearly into the mic while holding it approximately 15 cm away from your mouth.
  5. Keep your comments and stories short and sweet.
  6. Keep guests informed throughout the evening. Give them 10-15 minute warnings before important events occur (eg. dinner, speeches, dance, cake cutting).
  7. Ensure the caterer / servers are aware when you are beginning speeches so that they don’t disrupt guests by clearing tables.
  8. When introducing speakers, mention something personal about them and/or about their relationship to the bride and groom. Learn how to pronounce their names before the wedding.
  9. Don’t have too many drinks before and during dinner. Even though you may be nervous, keeping a clear head is important.
  10. Avoid embarrassing subjects and information that can’t be taken back. If you’re unsure about a joke or topic always check with the bride and groom, close family members or the wedding planner.

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Good luck – you’ll do great!

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