Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and congrats to all the newly engaged couples out there! Enjoy this time together and try not to get overwhelmed with all the details just yet. Focus on the few key big items that are essential to establishing the direction of your wedding:

  1. Wedding Date / Month / Time of Year: Some couples know exactly when they want to get married. Perhaps it’s on your parents’ anniversary or the day you first met 5 years ago. For most of us, we have a general idea of the time of year or month we’d like to tie the knot, but are a bit more flexible on the exact date. 
  2. Guest List: Do you want a small, intimate wedding with close friends and family, or are you extending the invitation to everyone who has been a part of your lives over the past decade or so?! The size of the guest list is the number one factor in the cost of your reception, so if you have expensive taste and a tight budget, consider limiting the invite list so you can have the wedding you’re dreaming of without breaking the bank.
  3. Wedding Style + Theme: The style and formality of your wedding is also key to establish right of the bat. If you’re having a traditional sit-down dinner your wedding venue and vendors may differ considerably from those you’d choose if you decide on a cocktail reception wedding in a lounge setting.

Once you’ve established these three key items you can start your venue hunt for a ceremony and reception location.

To those of you already well into planning your 2010 wedding – the countdown is on! It’s a good time to consult your planning checklist and ensure you’re on track and ready to accomplish the next few items on the list.

Happy planning!