Royal Wedding Predictions: The Dress

With Kate + Will’s nuptials less than a month away, the world is buzzing with curiosity and anticipation about what will unfold on April 29, 2011.  As a build-up to the big day I want to know what you think the Royal Wedding might look like, beginning with everyone’s favourite – the dress!

Leave a comment below with your prediction on which dress silhouette Kate will choose for her royal début:

Royal Wedding, Kate Middleton Dress

1: Textured Ball Gown – Oscar de le Renta 92E25
2: Fitted with Art Deco Flair – Katerina Bocci Grace
3: Romantic Lace – Romona Keveza RK278
4: Embellished – Ines di Santo Aurelie

Which dress is perfect for a modern princess?

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Photo Credits: Oscar de la Renta, Katerina Bocci, Romona Keveza, Ines di Santo.


  • Shevaun 04/1/11

    Romantic Lace! For some reason I don’t see her in a ball gown.

  • Adrienne 04/1/11

    I love, love, love #1, but don’t think it is likely her style. My best guess would be something along the lines of #2 – the fitted look!

  • Vanessa Watters 04/1/11

    Romantic Lace for sure!

  • Ashley 04/1/11

    Hmmm. Probably not 1. I say 2. 2 or 3. OK I’ll go with 2.

  • Natalia 04/1/11

    100% Romona Keveza, it was be a classic. Throughout her years she has always seemed to stick to the classic looks. This dress would also look fantastic on her body.

  • Catherine 04/1/11

    Embellished (no. 4) because it’s classy and royal, also very complementary to her height.

  • Charlotte 04/1/11

    My choice is number 3. It is elegant without being ostentatious. It will show off her figure well.

  • Claire 04/1/11

    I think she’ll go with something like 1

  • Corinne 04/1/11

    I think she’ll go for something simple like Romantic Lace. And wear an enormous flower in her hair for the regal look.

  • Megan 04/3/11

    Romantic lace for sure! Its modern and classic without going over the top!

  • Irena 04/3/11

    My guess is #3. It is classic and elegant which is Kate’s style. It would also look stunning on her!

  • Christine 04/3/11

    I am torn between 1 and 3. She seems to always wear really tailored items… but i think she would go bigger for her wedding day. I voe #1.

  • Shannon 04/4/11

    I am also torn between two styles, 2 & 3 I think I see her picking. But I will go with my initial thought – #2!

  • Renee 04/25/11

    I predict she will wear romantic lace. I think she could pull off a hat with this look, which seems to be her thing 🙂

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