Royal Wedding Predictions: The Colour Palette

Last week you predicted Kate will walk down the aisle in a gown similar to Romona Keveza’s RK278: “Romantic Lace.” Along with the dress, the Royal Couple’s choice of wedding colours will indicate the tone and formality of their celebration.

Which colour palette are Kate + Will most likely to choose? Leave a comment below with your vote!

1: Sapphire, Silver, White
2: Black, Ivory, Gold
3: Red, Royal Purple, Plum
4: Champagne, Olive, Sage

Royal Wedding Color Palette

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  • Claire 04/8/11

    #2 – Black, ivory and gold!

  • Shannon 04/8/11

    This is a tough one Jennifer….but I think I am going to choose #3….can’t wait for the next post!

  • Em 04/8/11

    She’ll stick with the navy/sapphire theme… and bring it into the wedding.

  • Megan 04/9/11

    I think #2 with lots of gold!

  • Linda 04/9/11

    I predict #4. The greens, champagne and sage are very spring like colours… which will be easily flowed into the flowers. Kate is modern and clean… so is this palette.

  • Christine 04/9/11

    #1.. very royal like.

  • Ashley 04/12/11

    My guess is #3. Very royal

  • Adrienne 04/14/11

    My guess is #1 to tie in the sapphire engagement ring she has!

  • Charlotte 04/23/11

    I am going with number one as well. They both seem like “blue lovers” and with the silver and white, it creates high contrast. Stately, yet with impact!

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